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A study of bugs

Bug report: Linter doesn't run in SourceTree

Description of bug: Using SourceTree on React project running on Node. When committing, linter fails to run with a complaint saying something like “node not found”.

Investigation: Googled a bit, the problem might have been caused by nvm`` or it's something aboutzsh`. Good people on StackOverflow also shared how they solved their similar bugs on their system.

But... Somehow I was using Volta to manage different versions of Node. Can't think of a good reason why I decided to do so.

Conclusion: Decided not to pursue a non-hacky solution. Followed my precious friend Elad Silver's post:

For me I realized that hooks don't work when opening through the launcher.

instead I opened SourceTree through the terminal by running this command:


SourceTree began working happily ever after.