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A study of bugs


I went through my finances using beancount. Double-entry bookkeeping seemed boring at first. But with the help of VSCode extensions for beancount that enable syntax highlighting and formatting, it became somewhat enjoyable.

I ran into problems over different currencies. I have a few transactions in USD and EUR. I wrote a Python script to convert bank statement formats to that of beancount.

Did you know you could use calc in Tailwind CSS? I was first mind-blown then felt it wrong. One should not choose to use the dark magic that is calc() unless it is her last option. Besides, by using Tailwind, we are telling ourselves now we are one step removed from the nuts and bolts of CSS. Using arbitrary numbers in brackets already feels “unidiomatic” in Tailwind. Last week when I found myself resorting to something like h-[calc(100%-20rem)] I grimaced very hard.

I created huge mess while trying to resolve a merge conflict. I was using GitHub Desktop. It was ill-equipped to compare and switch between different branches on GitHub Desktop. (And I was ill-equipped to use the commandline.) Thankfully, the web interface is quite advanced by now. Usually, small conflicts that do not involve files being deleted or moved around could be resolved by a few clicks in the browser. This time, though, it did involve files being moved around. That was a huge mess.

I have tried Sourcetree on GitHub before and run into access problems. I couldn't pull or push the repo. An error message would tell me the repo did not exist. But when I pulled or pushed the repo using GitHub Desktop, I could check out the local repo and diff branches and commits.

The cause of the issue might be logging in using OAuth over HTTPS. This problem was solved when I 1) got a personal access token and 2) logged in using my username and this PAT as “password”, while choosing Basic for auth type and SSH for protocol.