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Motivation; and flavonoid

If you really want to do something but find it difficult to bring yourself down to it, you don't need to find motivation. You need to unblock your motivation.

If you have too many things going on in the back of your mind, your motivation is blocked.

To unblock your motivation, resolve things from the past and clear the thoughts in your mind.

After drinking beer, I tend to feel more depressed, if not suicidal. But after drinking red wine, I would feel relaxed and happy.

I attributed this to the fact that there are more flavonoids in wine. And flavonoids are one of many factors that can help you generate more cells.

With neurogenesis more active, you are less likely to be depressed.

But the findings in a study from the UK (Ashton K, et al. 2017) did not support my subjective feeling. I feel lightened and upbeat after drinking wine and tired and depressed after drinking beer. The study found out: wine is more likely than beer to make people tired (60.08 vs 38.92) and tearful (17.10 vs 9.88).

OK, what I feel is probably subjective.

And what you believe is probably also subjective: 42.42% said they felt sexy after drinking spirits. And the percentage among red wine drinkers is only 25.20%.

More about flavonoids in beverages:

Last night, Google told me there are 20 times more flavonoids in tea than in coffee: 73 mg per 100 ml in tea and only 5 to 8 mg per 100 ml in coffee (depending on how you brew it).

(There is citation for these numbers, but TLDR.)

Trying to make myself less dumb, I drank a lot of black tea quite late. And I wasn't able to fall a sleep.