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Notes tagged with “git”

Untracking files in Git

Normally you can avoid tracking files in Git by adding files to .gitignore.

But if files have been previously added for tracking, they will still be tracked even after appending them to .gitignore.

We need to first remove tracked files from cache. And add back all the files – including .gitignore – in the current directory. Now .gitignore will take effect.

So much fun in week 45

These are the fun I had in week 45, 2021.

I ended up in a situation where I decided to use Djongo to bridge MongoDB and Django.

MongoEngine team made a Django connector. But it does not seem to be actively maintained. So they pointed to Djongo and described it as “promising”. (Spoiler: If something is “promising”, the universe hasn't decided whether to resolve it or reject it.) ⋯